What Happens in Case of Absence or Bad Management of Social Networks?

Very well explained what you should never do if you want to give a good customer service.

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What Happens in Case of Absence or Bad Management of Social Networks?Thank you for being here, Premium Social Customer’s friends!

In the current Social Networks era, brands need to have a well managed presence on them and this is sometimes better understood by small shops or restaurants than by many larger companies. I will briefly relate on this post two negative experiences as a client that I have recently suffered. One of it has to do with no presence at all on Social Media and poor Customer Service while the other case is about a brand with a Facebook fanpage but who makes a bad management of its Social Networks.

I was called by phone by an employee of a public service oligopoly who didn’t tell me his name or which department of his company he was calling from, but he did mention the name of the company and warned me that I was going to be charged an amount that…

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How to Handle Difficult Customers on Social Networks? 10 Keys

Good tips how to handle difficult customers

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How to Handle Difficult Customers on Social Networks 10 KeysBe very welcome, Premium Social Customer’s friends!

The role of a Community Manager has a promotional and technical side oriented to online marketing : the Social Media Marketing plan, content creation and curation, the measurement of your results and the analysis of your competitors. Another basic aspect is the need to be continuously updated on the different Social Networks, the various management tools and everything related to technology. Finally, it requires a great time availability, empathy, self-control and bargaining power: the Social Customer Service, the speciality of this blog. Today we will give some advice on how to handle difficult customers on Social Networks with these 10 keys:

1.- Appreciate their feedback :

Firstly you need to create receptivity. Consider that if an user has protested by no longer buying the goods or services offered by your brand or simply by not following your SM accounts, you are losing…

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Contacts all over the world

How to find contacts internationally

International contacts

I have already blogged about Social networks and Worldwide contacts.

In this blog article I would like to discuss which social networks are the best to get new contacts professionally and privately.

Professionally my favourite social network is LinkedIn to look for a job, a business partner, customers and discuss in groups about interesting topics.
Privately my favourites are about.me, Facebook, Google+Pinterest and Twitter to get to know people internationally. Naturally you can also use them for business purposes.

If you blog or read blog articles and comment you  can also get to know a lot of  people.

How do you get contacts in your private and professional live? Please share your experiences with me (if you like in the languages mentioned in the about section).