Contacts all over the world

How to find contacts internationally

International contacts

I have already blogged about Social networks and Worldwide contacts.

In this blog article I would like to discuss which social networks are the best to get new contacts professionally and privately.

Professionally my favourite social network is LinkedIn to look for a job, a business partner, customers and discuss in groups about interesting topics.
Privately my favourites are, Facebook, Google+Pinterest and Twitter to get to know people internationally. Naturally you can also use them for business purposes.

If you blog or read blog articles and comment you  can also get to know a lot of  people.

How do you get contacts in your private and professional live? Please share your experiences with me (if you like in the languages mentioned in the about section).


2 thoughts on “Contacts all over the world

  1. I started online at and made a great bunch of friends in the forum there who help each other out with advice, jobs and chat. I know people all over the USA, Canada and Australia. I also met people on from USA, Canada, the Ukraine and the UK. I thin it’s about doing something *with* people, having a common interset

    • Thank you Philip for your comment. A forum is indeed a good way to get to know people and you are right sharing the same interest is also important and remaining a human being in this technical world.

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