Cómo conseguir una buena estrategia de contenidos en Social Media

Buenos consejos para una buena estrategía de contenidos

Apasionada de las Redes Sociales

Si cumples todos los puntos que indico en este post, habrás conseguido todos los elementos para crear una buena estrategia de contenidos. ¡Ahora solo te queda aplicarlos!

Para aumentar la visibilidad y el alcance de tus contenidos debes saber qué es lo que hay que publicar, cuándo y dónde.

Estrategia contenidos Social Media Marketing

Comprender los objetivos de los contenidos de tu empresa puede ayudarte a desarrollar una estrategia con mejores resultados. Primero tienes que saber qué es lo que tienes que medir.
No es lo mismo que tu objetivo sea generar tráfico, para lo que deberías medir: visitantes únicos procedentes de las páginas donde hayas desarrollado tus campañas de social media; que tu objetivo sea crear engagement , para lo que tendrías que medir los suscriptores y seguidores en tus canales de comunicación sociales; mientras que si lo que buscas es generar interacción lo que debes medir es la cantidad y…

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Social Customer Service vs Generic Brands

Good article about customer service

Premium Social Customer

Social Customer Service vs Generic Brands

It’s a pleasure for me having you as a guest on my blog!

The reduced purchasing power of many consumers as a result of the crisis has led to a surge in sales of generic brands at the expense of top brands. It is very easy to forget our loyalty as consumers when supermarkets offer similar quality products that we can buy for even less than half the price, particularly when there’s no much spare money in our pockets.

Top brands have a great ally in the promotion through social networks in their fight against the above mentioned disadvantage. These are very low cost communication channels compared to more traditional ones and at the same time they have the ability to achieve the engagement of users and turn them into loyal customers through excellence in Social Customer Service. It is in this sense that they can make a difference to…

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The perfect website

What is necessary when creating a website?

Important things to have on a website

I have already blogged about The time factor in the web.

Visitors on a website are impatient:

  • They don’t want to wait long when loading the website or a new page.
  • They want to find quickly the contact data.
  • They want to find easily all the necessary information when shopping online.
  • They don’t want to give a lot of unnecessary information when placing an order.
  • They want to have a mobile friendly website.

I am always annoyed when I cannot find out where the company is located and who is responsible for it.

Here you can download three infographics:

  1. Checklist for creating a website
  2. Tips for websites
  3. Checklist for decreasing the bounce rate

How does your favourite website look like? Please comment and share your opinion.

You Get What You Pay for in Social Customer Service

Good article about social customer service and what is necessary

Premium Social Customer

You Get What You Pay For in Social Customer ServiceNice to see you again, Premium Social Customer’s friends!

At a time of deep economic crisis, most companies are forced to adopt cost cutting measures. These affect too frequently Customer Service, which many managers still see as a function that can be performed by untrained and not sufficiently motivated low-cost staff. So, in an effort to spend less financial resources, service is provided by people in a working environment that doesn’t promote productivity, effectiveness or efficiency. Employees don’t fell identified with the company they work for and consequently Customer Service level becomes affected. This certainly has a negative influence on the image projected by the brand and in the Social Media Era with its high virality, any malfunction becomes quickly evident for all its customers and followers.

All of the above also applies to Community Managers. The management of a brand cannot be left in the hands of people without…

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Top 10 of 2013: Recipes.

Delicious photos and recipes

Look what I made!

The new year is always a time to look back what I’m thankful for. Resolutions always focus on what could be done better, faster, easier or just simply more that sometimes we forget that we already have so much. I’m thankful for my loving boyfriend, my beloved family and my friends. I’m healthy and I’m going to have a new job soon. I have no debts and still own anything that I could wish for. What are you thankful for?

But also if I look back what I’m doing every day: I try to be a better person each day. I have a workout routine that works for me and gives me the freedom to eat whatever I want. And I want chocolate and cakes and cookies. Which reflects a lot in the recipes I shared with you this year. Without further ado I would like to present you the…

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