The perfect website

What is necessary when creating a website?

Important things to have on a website

I have already blogged about The time factor in the web.

Visitors on a website are impatient:

  • They don’t want to wait long when loading the website or a new page.
  • They want to find quickly the contact data.
  • They want to find easily all the necessary information when shopping online.
  • They don’t want to give a lot of unnecessary information when placing an order.
  • They want to have a mobile friendly website.

I am always annoyed when I cannot find out where the company is located and who is responsible for it.

Here you can download three infographics:

  1. Checklist for creating a website
  2. Tips for websites
  3. Checklist for decreasing the bounce rate

How does your favourite website look like? Please comment and share your opinion.


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