6 Useful Customer Service Tips on Google Plus

Good tips for Google+

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Google Plus is a social network that is gaining more and more followers and companies are rapidly including it in their SMM strategy. It has about 540 million active followers, compared to 1230 million Facebook followers, yet growing fast enough especially in the younger age groups and new technologies lovers. There’s less interactivity on its brand pages because its use is still unknown for many of its followers. Yet it is highly recommended for brands to be present on it for many reasons such as SEO positioning and an excellent virality. I’ve made a study of Google Plus presence for several American and European companies in different sectors and I’ve found that many of them need to enhance their Social Customer Service on it. I don’t mention their names for professional discretion.

These are the tips on customer service…

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Online promotion

What is the best way to be found in the web?

How to promote a website

You have a lot of possibilities to promote a person, company, product or service in the web.
First you create a website and take care that it is found on the first page in Google with search engine optimisation or Google AdWords. Do not forget to make your website mobile friendly, e. g. with  responsive webdesign.
Then you make promotion for your website with Social Media.

In my article SEO versus AdWords you can read about the advantages and disadvantages of SEO and AdWords.
In my article Viral Marketing it is described how to broadcast news.
In my article A good online reputation I blogged about how to create an online reputation.

Here you can download three infographics:

  1. Checklist for creating a Google AdWords campaign
  2. Viral Marketing
  3. A good online reputation

You can promote your products with ads, videos, product pins, etc. e. g. in Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest.
You can be active in Social Networks such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter in order to

  • get contacts (potential customers, business partners, etc.)
  • post news about your company, products, service, etc.
  • find out about the opinion of your products/service through comments
  • get an online reputation by reacting quickly and efficiently in case of complaints

For local promotion you can use Google+ Local, Foursquare or online yellow pages.

What is the best way in your opinion to promote someone or something online? Please share your experiences.

Why is it Important to be Thankful on Social Networks?

Well written article why it is important to be thankful in the web

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Why is it Important to be Thankful on Social Networks?Welcome again to my blog, Premium Social Customer’s friends!

Being thankful is essential in human relationships and it is also key on Social Networks. I thing it’s important to thank someone who shares my blog on his/her paper.li, or RT one of my tweets, or follows me on the blog, or shares one of my posts on any social network. Sometimes, when I share articles by other authors on any of my accounts, I inform them about that. It’s a way of thanking them for their content and also of letting them know that they will get more visitors to their respective blogs. Well, I’ve found that in some occasions I don’t receive any feedback from them in the form of a comment, not even a “Like” on Facebook,“+1” on Google Plus or “favorite” on Twitter. Luckily, I have fans that make my pages interactive and of course…

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