Top 10 of 2013: Recipes.

Delicious photos and recipes

Look what I made!

The new year is always a time to look back what I’m thankful for. Resolutions always focus on what could be done better, faster, easier or just simply more that sometimes we forget that we already have so much. I’m thankful for my loving boyfriend, my beloved family and my friends. I’m healthy and I’m going to have a new job soon. I have no debts and still own anything that I could wish for. What are you thankful for?

But also if I look back what I’m doing every day: I try to be a better person each day. I have a workout routine that works for me and gives me the freedom to eat whatever I want. And I want chocolate and cakes and cookies. Which reflects a lot in the recipes I shared with you this year. Without further ado I would like to present you the…

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