Online shopping

The easy way to buy online

Buying online with some clicks

People are buying more and more online instead of buying offline in local stores.

  1. First you search for something in the web.
  2. Then you get all the information you need.
  3. With a few clicks it is bought.

Time is an important factor.

  • People want to find quickly what they are looking for.
  • The loading time has to be short.
  • Too many fields in contact forms lead to bouncing the website.
  • Too many steps in an order process lead to bouncing the website.

If everything runs smoothly there is no problem. But if goods arrive damaged or there is some kind of problem, can you reach someone?

  • An excellent customer service is a crucial point if you want to sell online, get new and maintain existing customers.
  • Make it easy for your customers to contact you by phone or mail.
  • Answer within a reasonable time.
  • Always offer a solution which suits both sides.
  • If someone complains about you or your product/service in a social network, do not ignore it, but answer in an appropriate way and show that you care. Customer ratings are an important factor to promote your product/service. Social networks can create but also destroy your online reputation.

It is definitely easy to buy online, but buying offline in a local store means you know the staff, you will be treated as a human being and you know who you can contact in case of a complaint.

Here you can download infographics about:

What do you expect as a customer or offer as a seller when you are buying/selling online?

The perfect website

What is necessary when creating a website?

Important things to have on a website

I have already blogged about The time factor in the web.

Visitors on a website are impatient:

  • They don’t want to wait long when loading the website or a new page.
  • They want to find quickly the contact data.
  • They want to find easily all the necessary information when shopping online.
  • They don’t want to give a lot of unnecessary information when placing an order.
  • They want to have a mobile friendly website.

I am always annoyed when I cannot find out where the company is located and who is responsible for it.

Here you can download three infographics:

  1. Checklist for creating a website
  2. Tips for websites
  3. Checklist for decreasing the bounce rate

How does your favourite website look like? Please comment and share your opinion.